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Frequently asked questions

Pricing FAQ

The cleaning fee seems quite high...
We pay our cleaners £10-£15/hour in line with the London Living Wage of £10.2/hour. Cleaning product cost is included in the price. Our management team spends a lot of time and effort to schedule cleaning and linen delivery, monitor cleaning quality and train cleaners to provide the best possible housekeeping service. Our number of hours estimate gives us sufficient time to provide the level of quality standards that our customers usually expect of us.
What are other costs that are not included in the management fee?
CLEANING AND LINEN costs are not included in the management fee and will be paid for by guests for each booking. We will set a cleaning and linen fee on online listings using the following rate: Cleaning £15/hour, Linen £20/double or £25/king set. REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE work will be billed at cost + 20%, or cost plus £40/hour (whichever is higher). We charge this cost uplift to deploy the specialists, handle quotes, and supervise the work. HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES and guest welcome packs are billed at cost plus 20%.
Are the cleaning fees too high for guests?
Guests expect hotel-quality cleanliness and linen when staying at Happyguest properties, so the cleaning fee reflects this. We understand the fee could be visually undesirable, therefore some hosts prefer to absorb part of this. Ultimately, it comes down to the Total Cost for guests (Rental rate + cleaning fee) and Total Income for hosts so as part of our pricing management, we aim to adjust both rental rate & cleaning fee to achieve an optimal price.
How do you collect the cleaning fee?
The cleaning fee will be paid by guests directly to your bank account, therefore we will invoice the cleaning fee together with our management fee and other expenses.
What is included in your full management service?
The full management service fee covers the management of property listing and marketing, pricing, occupancy optimising, guest communication and booking, personal check-in & check-out, cleaning, and 24/7 support for both you and your guests. The fee is applicable to your rental income. ​The cost of cleaning and linen are payable by guests per booking and are separate from this management service fee. Typically the cleaning & linen fee for 1 bedroom is £50 and 2 bedroom is £70 per booking. Some of our clients opt for an all-inclusive management fee of 30% of total income which will include all cleaning & linen costs.
Do you provide additional services such as basic food essentials?
We can provide food essentials following a discussion you, and depending on what is included this may incur additional charges. If you have any other requests, please let us know and we can agree on the arrangements accordingly.
What is included in the cleaning & housekeeping services?
We provide our professional cleaners and the cleaning products such as cleaning liquids, toilet roll and bathroom toiletries. We make your beds using Happyguest hotel quality linen and include a set of bath & hand towels per person. Additionally, we perform a check of your property, report any damages found in your home and facilitate the claiming process via Airbnb if required.