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How to secure more bookings with fast response time

Jun 2, 2018

In this article, Smartbnb helps us explain why setting automatic instant responses to guest inquiries and to requests to book is important for securing confirmed bookings.

Airbnb wants you to reply fast

How fast? Much faster than you think.

In most competitive markets like London, the average response time to be on the first page is below 1 minute.

The main reason why Instant Book listings are ranked higher has to do with response time:  every new reservation "adds" a response time of... 0 seconds.

It is a favour to your guests

Do you remember the last time you liked queuing at your supermarket?

Guests don't like waiting for replies either. Being an Airbnb guest is hard, and this is why they will shop around instead of waiting for your reply.

Imagine if you were able to reply quickly 24/7, so that they can book your listing instead of sending another inquiry to your competition?

Our response time: 1 minute. Max

Smartbnb proposes to send a reply within one minute, although you can slow it down if you like.

This is particularly important to replies to inquiries and to requests to book. In those cases, Airbnb will start a countdown and monitor your response time.

This is fast enough to beat Airbnb's search algorithm. Hosts see an improvement in their search results during their trial period: Smartbnb does add value to your listings.

This is still a credible speed from your guests' perspective: in fact, the notification sent to your guest is even a bit delayed.

This is fast enough to stop your guests: your message will arrive before they send a message to your competition. More time spent on your listing, with all the details in hand, means more bookings for you!

Last but not least, a quick reply validates their choice for your listing. After all, it means that you are a professional host, with a solid Airbnb business, and you already start by WOWing your guests.

Smartbnb automates the guest experience for your short-term rentals on Airbnb, with state- of-the-art communication.

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